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TeaNani™ Premium Grade 100% Organic Matcha

You’ll Instantly Feel More Focused, Alert, Yet Calm & Relaxed.

Enjoy The Feelings That Only The Best Matcha Can Provide.

Nani Premium Matcha™ gives you the highest quality matcha. Grown in some of the most beautiful, fertile land on earth. You will feel confident knowing that the care taken to grow and transport your matcha means you’re getting only the best. You know you’re getting the same life changing nutrients as when it was picked fresh from the tree. Feel more energy instantly. Yet you’ll also feel a sense of calm and focus passing through your body. Enjoy this amazing tea at an exclusive discount for a limited time.

You’ll Love The Taste & How You Feel Or It’s On Us!


5 Things All Real Matcha Must Have…

Avoid “Fake” Matcha. Discover The Nani Matcha™ Difference.


11 Scientifically Researched Reasons Why...

You’ll Enjoy The Way It Tastes Yet, Love The Way It Makes You Feel.

There are almost 600 scientific studies completed on green tea. Matcha is considered more than 100 X's more powerful than green tea. You see, with real Nani Matcha™ you're drinking the whole leaf instead of just infused water...

You’ll love the way you feel.

Feel The Energy Of A Kid Again

Jitter Free Guaranteed. All day long clear focused energy without slumps or crashes.

Feel The Focus Of A Zen Buddhist Monk

The levels of L-Theanine of Nani Matcha™ are unmatched. It’s been shown they’ll help you feel more focused than you may have felt before. Imagine getting more done in less time.

You’ll Be Taking a Mini Vacation In A Cup

Imagine… One sip and your body begins to relax and your mind begins to clear. L-Theanine in Nani Matcha™ has shown to help release feel good chemicals that help you feel relaxed, yet still alert.

Cool As A Cucumber Under Pressure

You're “Cool Hand Luke” or Jane… Picture it… You’re less self conscious. More comfortable in normally awkward social situations. Cool under pressure at home or at the office. You see, the power nutrient L-Theanine found in Nani Matcha™ has been shown to increase alpha brain waves.

Learn Faster - Become Limitless

Remember Bradley Cooper in limitless? He takes a pill and his brain works like a computer. Well Nani Matcha™ is like the healthy version of being limitless. Researchers show that the rare nutrient found in Nani Matcha™ has an amazing positive effect on learning and memory.

You’ll Sleep Like A Baby

An energy drink that actually helps you sleep a night. You see, because Nani Matcha™ helps your body and mind relax you’ll sleep like a baby again.

100X The Power Of Green Tea

You know green tea is healthy. Well, Nani Matcha™ has been shown to be more than 100 times more powerful than green tea. Yes, It would take more than 100 cups of green tea to get even close to the mind-blowing healthy changes you’ll experience with Nani Matcha™.

You… Superman or Wonder Woman

You know a healthy immune system means a healthier you. Well, Nani Matcha™ contains one of the most powerful antioxidants man has yet to discover. EGCG. Every cup on Nani Matcha™ will help your body fight to stay the healthiest it can be.

A Thinner You

Imagine… experiencing all these benefits and getting thinner too. It can happen to you. You see studies show matcha has thermogenic properties. Put simply… Nani Matcha™ has been known to burn off a fat cell or three.

Stabilize This … And You’ll Look & Feel Different

Studies show matcha has the ability to help stabilize and maintain healthy sugar levels. Stabilize sugar and you stabilize insulin. This is the key fat storage and inflammation hormone. So, sipping a delicious cup of Nani Matcha™ could help stabilize your sugar levels. Help you lose weight and reduce inflammation.

Your Secret To Smooth Skin.

Your friends will ask “What’s your secret?” You see, on top of all the other benefits Nani Matcha™ is rich in vitamin C and other nutrients that has been shown to help your body produce more collagen. The key to reducing fine lines and wrinkles and giving you a brighter complexion.

Real Matcha Is Only Grown In Japan.

The birthplace of matcha. Nani Matcha™ is certified organic and follows the strictest guidelines. The result… you get more energy producing, mind focusing, relaxing nutrients

5 Reasons Why Nani Matcha™ Will Give You Real Results…

Hint: Not all Matcha is Real Matcha...

100% Authentic Matcha Tea Grown In Japan.

Grown where Matcha came from… Kagoshima and Uji, Kyoto Japan. The true birthplace of Matcha.Our farm has grown tea for more than 300 years. There is no better place to ensure you get the finest most life energizing Matcha.

Other Matcha Makes Claims - Nani Proves Them

Every single batch of tea is tested and certified 3 times. First by our farm. Next by JASON which is has the strictest requirements of any certification agency anywhere. And then by the EU, European Union. This means that every sip of Nani Matcha™ is guaranteed to have the powerful nutrients you’re counting on.

Always Hand Picked

Our Authentic matcha is always hand-picked. In fact, we hand pick for you only the top 3 leaves of the Matcha plant. Next we hand separate those leaves. All stems and veins are removed by hand.

Why? Simple. It's the best. You'll get more of the power amino, L-Theanine. Then anywhere else.

Yes, it takes more time than other Matcha.
Yes, It costs more to do it.
Yet the taste and results you'll see are worth it.

Nani Matcha™ Is Always Covered By Hand

Your Matcha is hand covered for the last 3 to 4 weeks before being hand picked. This maximizes the amount of L-Theanine.

And this means…

You're Calmer...
More Focused...
And Have More Energy.

Nani Matcha™ From Farm To You.

You know how important it is that your matcha is stored and handled the right way. Your Nani Matcha™ goes right from the field to you. We seal it in cool air tight containers. Yes, we even pay to ensure that we transport your Matcha in refrigerated containers set to just the right temperature. Then it comes to our warehouse where it is immediately refrigerated. Then delivered to you to enjoy.

The result…

When you drink your Matcha…

You'll have the same energizing nutrients as when it came off the plant.

You're Protected By The Nani Triple Guarantee™…

If for any reason you're not thrilled….

If you don’t fall in love with the way Nani Matcha™ Tastes

If you’re not amazed by the way it makes you Feel

Heck… If you don’t like the packaging…

It’s on us. You risk nothing.

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TeaNani™ Premium Grade 100% Organic Matcha 50g

TeaNani™ Premium Grade 100% Organic Matcha 50g

The highest quality organic Matcha. Creamy, smooth, delicious and powerful.


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